One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we’ll need a new definition! Man has a limited biological capacity for change; when this capacity is overwhelmed, the capacity is in future shock.” ~ {/\T}

XARRIER. The final incarnation of a manipulated tapeloop that began with the sound of /\ carri3r™ air conditioning kooling power kasting it's $+/\+ik noise above the ice age u.v. exurbs. Idle angst turned meditation equated  neu transcendence u.v.  this void thru the ubiquity u.v. telekommuni0nz. Now, the onset of global Weptwerx, our telewarp will B the new sonik & /\r+ media that transmits not thru radi0 t0wers, but thru wind0w-eyez u.v. 7 ancient soulz. Fiber optique oceanic satellite gyrexian transmissions, bent thru /\ lens of /\lien technologies that are perhaps our godz. In slowly morphed sonik waves that pass thru time itself. Ornette Coleman recolonized  Buckminster Fuller's geodisix were an unfinished abstraction of a much further reaching ideal. Hendrix called it his Sky Church precept u.v. electric epiphany!

XARRIER is documenting this cyborganik replikation we call the Information Industrial Iceage. What is this new reality? To expose the core u.v. it's formz, We\pt begins by mapping xychronik navigationz. /\ linear hyperstructure engulfs us in digitally encoded simulation u.v. shimmering luminous nocturnal metrop0lii. Prekast portions in ultra hi~gl0ss polished facades regulate mass in solid state modules. Behind curtain wallz, werkers in fully acclimatized cubicles enter data referencing nothing. Zer0 expression registered in reflectionz on alleged 'no-glare' monitor skreenz. Blissful information overload transfers it's graceless bulk across continents in /\ fiber~optik hertbeat. At the base of the citadel the telltale buzz of the lo~voltage transformer reveals /\ pulse of pure freon (or R134 upgrade for yr car restoration projekt?!)  XARRIER~vision has Conviction u.v. the Innovator; aesthetic demodulation u.v. text & image & sonix is our Star*Ball Contribution > the glacier made ftom bricks: I*I*I. . . "In Xolar Runez we forecast /\ vision u.v. immortal geometric alphanumeric beauty"


Urban xykosis & xykedelik interior; these all have new meanings. From the ‘Times > Toffler, there are k0nstant signals 0n /\ rising p0wer u.v. [in] |finite| drag0ns. With scales u.v. silik0n welded > c0pper veins, which then are jolted mV thru telewerx u.v. fr8dom! /\ ‘neu scale’ of .25 tonez, de\tunez, e-b0w, zoviet fuzzbox, kanadian maple, u.k. spkr conez & digital p/\+h simulacra & analogue tubes {‘mad3 in jad3′?!} will create a w/\|| u.v. sonique h0|0graphix. Sonique Synapse Stonehenge temple in /\ TranzPenzy||Vanian landsk0pik dubstudio. That obsidian who 8te it’s own tail is actually near \/\/estern blok, not sum rand0m, lackluster, kath0h0lik indiscipline!

We looked toward a xolariized sunset to find new quest*ions, quenching this thirst with curried penta^statik scales. 0ur kathode~ray blok [via xy~kronik uth] thru fixations > multi~dimensional spirituality? We\pt hoped it would reroute the m0n0ntheistique ccd~koltrane. Here we are in the soul u.v. /\ beast now, the implausible exfloweration infrasonix is beyond what we’d imagined as uthz! Encroaching iceaps of void x0|unar masses, landsk0pix, & koncrete jungles somehow co-existing again. Converging lines u.v. infra^struktur| des9 merge in horizonz u.v. OO.

[Gaelic] in descent, but gaLvinized thru & thru w/ meditations & kurrents from around haunted known & unknowable worlds. This  isn't any dilettante Lennon~grad, borrowing {only to steal from} the saphronique charmz! This is real time telescopix played thru the Resonance u.v. /\ P0ly*8OO ancient }{ modern state u.v. /\/\ir/\ged 8-bit sampled mindz. Fr3tl3ss bass was our discovery of this new semi-tone:  w/ 9odin, ten0r & Enzonique, the sound put forth will turn Cruzsad0 Kracker into  /\ Weeping Puritan. Genii~reflextionz before the shimmering Ikonz.

W  e   p  t       h    a    t    h        r    e    d    u    c    e    d        t   r   u   t   h > |1|     o    r    [ O] !


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