Exhibit [0] Zero

E      x      h       i       s      t      o      r      y      Z      e      r     0 :

Story u.v. the Original Xarrier Gallery

The first Carrier Communications @ Henry Street gallery show was in 1988. In 1991, Xopher initiated a series of openings @ then recently founded glacier Exhibit Zero @ 5495B Claremont Avenue in Oakland CA. This gallery also in it's brief 1 year existence featured visiting 'artist in residence' Vorticite (above the front door on a plywood loft!).  Their collaborative show featured sound, image & object including a 50 yard graph scroll & local referential infra>fotos: 2.3×5.2:  The Shape u.v. Art to Come [22.02.92] . /\ hand illuminated Telenet Boilerplate issue also was developed; all copies were unique art folios. Previous issues had been assembled over snail mail, while final 'transitional' issue was digital. The Exhibit [O] version was a true live collaboration.

There were also multiple Xopher solo painting openings such as Victory Over the Sun. The Exhibit [O] gallery location presaged by decades what has now become that area's primary art display zone. A tranzient XARRIER museum~ gallery installation in a virtual geodesic dome doubling as studio & performance space is an ultimate incarnation yet to materialize. It would combine Best elements u.v. Turquoise Room, Studi0 Iceage & Exhibit [O].  Like other 20th century art 'ISM's, Exhibit [O]'s influence dwarfs it's duration & popularity. A virtual gallery's rotating show continues xolarization u.v. XARRIER kreativity. Show #1: Metal in Meadow  {fall 2011}

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