Since 1985 when we won a State music video contest, Xarrier Kommunikationz has harbored the genuii mothraship. Then yu+thz in age only, like elderz & sages; smokin' pipes u.v. the Boiler Room. With m|n+ +e/\ in the 'turqoize r00m' after the tracks went down on > 3 3/4 i.p.s magnetic xassette reel > real harm0|0diax. Concepts evolved into sound then morphed into collaborative kons+e||ati0nz. Rekonnecting xynaps3z, extending harmonik convergences, howling at aurora borealis, cooling the valve ampz whilst fin wahled on climatron dome drumming. . . It is now post 2011:  the w3rld was supposed to dematerialize like a star trax tranzp0rter but it didn't…Y2K nor 2012 have & will make no change in the oracle u.v. xarriAI's creative prolifix.  Yet what was imminent is now extant, and the t3l3n3tw/\rp is now calling from both depthz via Zonagrahpii as well as the xolarized ether: listenin' to the past-present-futur3 {in shock, we never rust}. . .

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