L()~()KING GLASSES, North Pole

Ultra-epic spacerock for the Halloween hauntings you may conjure? LOOKING GLASSES NP: N0maDr0ne & Zultan Vorticiti in the Millennium Y2K decay of guitar feedback and Afro -polyrhythms from a orbiting spacelab in elliptical refrain. Customized guitars? Spending hours adjusting the intricate settings on a Kahler tremolo bridge till it functions w/ perfect balance to adjust feedback like sculpting sonic waves. Apply a peizo microphone contact to a snare drum head then run that thru an analog delay guitar pedal, digital reverb and it’s own PA, to be played live during the recording. Printing all effects live to tape. Letting the feedback warm up the jam for 5 or 10 minutes before you begin. Try matching that feedback on a equally ultrasonic fuzz wh echo bass setup also of massive proportional amplification so it almost plays it self. so loud its alive. You can play the back of the neck and pickups them selves it’s so sensitive to vibes and percussive relay. Using batteries in the effects pedals which are purposely run down to get that Duane Allman creamy response from an overdrive or glitch out a digital filter.

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