The days were hot & dry outside the rainforest- the serpent, wrongly blamed for the temptation, was banished to the desert where it meditated and became wiser on the dunes under a shadowed moon.  If WEPT was the predecessor, Serpent's Exile is momentum unfettered, unhinged, deforested, then laid bare like a Duchampian bride. Circa nova sans panacea u.v. landscape; just space, free floating pirouettes… a  notion of time where forward & backward motions are relative only to other unfixed constellations. The serpent u.v. copper was deified + vilified. Ikon0|clash krusades the isle u.v. lost ophidianz.

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Rewilding Europe

1 day ago

New image confirms a black hole is swallowing our galaxy

1 day ago

The Irish Times view on the world’s animal population: a catastrophic global wipe-out

The burden of responsible compassion & conservation towards all creatures is on all of our souls and shoulders to correct & endure.

6 days ago

Happy Facts

Recording studio blues?!?

6 days ago

X/\rr13r 1nfr/\st/\rw3rx R3c0rd1ngs

~ S 3 R P 3 N T’ Z ^ 3 X I L 3 ~ { X /\ R | /\ R /\ | ^ W 0 L F T R | N I T |’ } #Bluenami

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X/\rr13r 1nfr/\st/\rw3rx R3c0rd1ngs's cover photo

~ B L U E N A M I ~ {Tsunami of Democracy} #Bluenami #VoteFreeBlues

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