ENTER: {Wake V}0rticiti [LP]


Serpent's Exile - Enter: Wake (V)orticiti  

ENTER : _Wake~{V}_0r+¡c+¡ _

                                      1.            XHAMAN~$sssss 

                                      2.              CRESCENT EYE 

                                      3.                  WOLFTRINITI 

                                      4.            LUNAR LEOPARD 

                                      5.   $TARDOWN CARAVAN 

                                      6.  $ERPENT u.v. COPPER  







Empty landscapes ~ urban snowflakes
Cycle and waste ~ ozone chaste. . .
Compost taste? ~ skydog strat0sphere
Enemy sans fear! ~ endangered wolf
Balanced years ~ seasonal pattern
Trees near eye u.v. environment
Excelsior requirement ~ dance in sequence
Climb in silence mountains without science
Einstein infinity ~ equations  harmony
Orbit in unity ~ dimensions divinity

Tungusic tied, ophidian eyed: Xhamahn awakens to
Alternate states, unconsious lies: into polluted skies
>> Future unknown. tribeless adrift alone…
dragon wing satellite, poisoned saffr0nic night

Why are you wasting me?
What world is blind and free?
Why are you asking me?
My blood is killing me

Spirit guide returning home: to kingdoms of 'black~gold'
Cleanse the soul of visions told: of darkening cold
>> Exhuming bliss, bitumin breath
Global twilight fades to night…

…As wisdom is betrayed
Why would I answer you?
Your world is blind and free
When you've forsaken me
Why won't you answer me?
My wounds are killing me–>>

—>0bsidian rain!
Black jugular veins!
Spewed forth with feverish pain!
Lost unity, gained…
Lost unity (again)

spx-crescentCrescent Eye









[chant]Nahash ! ! ! Nahoshett ! ! !

Watch the sunset fade into hearts sinking ships inferno!
Cast down the gauntlet of infinitys bold vehemence!
Castigate the infernal minions into oblivion!
Worship emptiness u.v. phantoms depraved soul!
Trans~mitigate an afterlife in eternal damnation!
Energy impure cauldron foundry of souls untold!


Triple stack amnesiac:

Watch the sunset fade close your eyes
don't wake
Forget your name forget my face to die…
…It's all a lie we wake up blind
A Trinity of misery rest your soul…
Pray to keep search your mind wake up blind
Fallen fate (V) eyes will never (wake)
Vorticiti emblem of infinity: Crescent eye!













It started with the Luparii
Willfully, hunting me
Then crowning the prince with my skin
The blood and the flesh of my breeds
Scraped of will, while slumbering
Gone into fog grey dawning…

Science and faith cleaved
Into 'three'
Man, beast, and machine
Never to see…
Shrouded in blindness?
Mystery. . .
Your life's so "holy"
Don't need me ?

Run from the sun, won't you?
Far from the sun,  run to

Please, how can you keep
Running me down to the ground
All you have is me

. . . Not three splintered lies
Man, beast, and machine dies!
All… i have… is you
Your metal birds fly
Low screaming cloud covered night
Drowned inside my head

Think war's massacre?
If my eyes were yours…

It ended with faces Palin~g 
Willfully, hunting me
Then crowning the princess to be…
With blood on your hands at grey dawn
Ignorant and slumbering
Blackening sun, wind, and stars

Run from the sun, won't you?
Far from the sun,  run to CALL


Science and faith cleaved

Man, beast, and machine!

Shrouded in blindness?

My eyes are your eyes. . .

Not man, machine, and beast:
Trinity misery!
Look to ophidian's tongue?
Leads to the garden of '1'!!!
























spx-lunar leopard

Lunar Leopard

In Kathmandu's streets the city robs their blood.
Poachers are butchers and the question remains:
Who is Trespassing and Who is the game?
the Moon's a reflection of the scorch of the Sun.
Dry desert to jungle, habitats burned…

Lunar leopard, mordantly hunted…
Grasslands are parched, a message for us?
Poachers death mask, ego's black hole!

"Welcome to our first class hell"
{0ur air-conditioned expedition}…"
Gilded guns of gluttonous sons!
    They even know they're robbing their own land,
Maximum crimes in minimum time!
 Self determined self extinction
moronic Neros fantasy heros!
    Wealthy in excess and ignorance.
Trophy poachers, cowardly hunters!
    Trumping their fools gold mission.

"Welcome to our first class hell,
Count me in for slaughtering"

  Gilded guns of gluttonous sons!
    They even know they're robbing their own land,
  Maximum crimes in minimum time!
    Self~determined self~extinction
  moronic Nero's fantasy heros!
    Wealthy in excess and ignorance.
  Trophy poachers, cowardly hunters!
    Trumping their fools gold mission.

… Lunar reflection, scorching the Sun !

  Killers or victims ?
  Leaping in black light
  Their night of extinction
  Viewed through our own reflection
  Circus of traitors
  In distorted mirrors
  Bloodthirsty eyes
  Are their self-loathing lies

Stardown Caravan









Entangled in steel web of doom
Future of fearing entombed:
Unnamed Cerberus’ noon

My torso then sinks severed limbs
Seizure’s closure
Disposed in drag waters

…is thrown around
My flesh is flakes for the queen when I drown.
Flayed into corpus and cuts extreme…

Swimming free you’ll never break me
Lizard King oceans “shall be”
Volcano’s funeral fires
Scorching Victorian desire

Hell’s copters steel preying on our backs
Funneling doom
Nevada’s mountain tomb

Desperate run my limbs crack and fold
Under the sun
Parching the blameless young

Snake oil is sold for gold
Babel of ignorance untold


Running free you’ll never break me
Lizard King’s deserts “shall be” (Shelby)
Ghosts of the stardown caravan
Unchained from…

Running free you’ll never chain me
Salazar’s degeneracy (bring them down)
Ghosts of the stardown caravan
Strike down the cruelty of man!

spx-serpent uv copperSerpent u.v. Copper









Over dusty ruins reigning blackened rivers
So you finally lost your way to save your heaven
Serpent infestation pyramids collapse
Visions of solstice space and time collide
So you finally lost your :
Way… to..vis..ions…of…your…false…gods…e…den
When… you… thought…you…killed…the… serpent
You… just… burned… your… gar… den
Weep… in… stran…gle… holds… of… your… own… des…tin…y

Serpent of copper
Will arise from the ocean
Seducing the prophets
While burning your garden

Burn!.. we are the war storm
Burn!.. we are the menace
Burn!.. we are the fire
Burn!.. we are the spiral…
Tales of the snake ~ strangled in copper
Sulpher dioxide ~  frothing short circuit
Volcanic pit ~ molten inferno

Blistering anode / Electr0 arsenic
Acidic wasteland / Searing the garden
Fusion dissection / Division destruction

 /\nimal /\dvocacy |nfra~$onik Arkestral : 

 $t. Vorticite Vorticiti  ~ guitars {lead} & harmony v0x  

 Jh0st Exile ~ slidEfx guitars, {lead} v0x & brass

 Boris Forbes ~ fret|ess, fretted bass & electr!c piano 

 Xian~Bahn Exile ~ drums cymbals & percussion   

 all songs composed by $t. Vorticite Vorticiti     

infrapoetic |yrx by $t. Vorticite Vorticiti     

 on 0phidianz u.v. Vortyx Isle Publishing 2013    

 engineered, mixed & mastered by Jh0st Exile  

@ $tudio Ido|why| Ice$age {NE} & Ultra~Violet Mobile 

All songs arranged & produced by $t. \/.\/. & Jh0st Exile  

as $pX {$erpentz Exile} ~ copyright protected 2011*2012*2013 by 

OO*** X A R R I E R   I N F R A $ T A R W E R X   R E C O R D I N G $ ***OO

$pX representation: Hydra~Medusa Management : : : $pX global booking via 

Pierce the Intruder. Contact Hydra~Medusa & Pierced Intruder : info @ xarrier .com

$0|0s skeleton key: 1. Vorticite GtR, Jh0st $$x     

                              2. Vorticite GtR,  Jh0st GtR       

                          3. Vorticite GtR, Jh0st $KL GtR    

                        4. Jh0st GtR, Jhost W|tZR               

                      5. Jh0st W|tZR {$t. V.V. spkn wrdz}   

                   6. Jh0st T$x, Vorticite GtR {+ outro}    

Dedicated to Laser Beam, loyal midnight K9 n0w free to sprint the 0mniverse on a 'Genius Hearse'! Danke schon TAPE OP magazine for Jh0sts review & use of a Ro: LND analog>digital  0ctopluz convertor/ 8 bus interface used on the album. Big ups > A.Hong for hi~fi studio monitors & drum timbre wisdom. Extra special accolades to our kin who remained ready to rock as we endured weather, health & mechanical roadblocks for 2+ years. Acknowledgements for Jh0st's d!g!sp!r!t capture of primal riffs into the devilz {half-dozen} boogie that y'all can crank to 11.1 w/o overloading the meters! Re:mix often achieved on planez trainz & aut0mobilez  while being submerged {at least} by the Muse. Or as of Superstorm Sandy, literally being deluged ! The wrist reconstruction surgery was nothing in comparison !! Are we not metal from the inside out?  We are really 'Mirage Rock'. TURN IT UP, FLASH YR HORNS do whatchya gotta do to K I C K O U T  D A  JAMZ! I N F E R N A L   H A I Lz  to no '1' and no Thing ! Be a voice for the voiceless Animal kingdoms in land, sky and seas. Ride the snake ~~~>ooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOoo<~~~



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