Wolftriniti {xingle & radio mixes}

Xarriari Wolftriniti : Serpent's Exile xingle off new Ep ENTER: Wake V(orticity). Enter a vortex u.v. xyber~riffs w/ righteous themes. Save wildlife & conserve nature while headbanging to mirage~rock!

WEPT evolved & morphed > /\ Serpentine form: Exiled from Eden, haunted by the garden of eminent fr33d0m, Serpent's Exile xarries the sonik vibrations of the xarrier infrastruktur to a neu plateau:  circumference, palimpsest, litany, xynterlude: look to the full circle u.v. the ophidianz tongu3!

xarriari w0lftr1n1t1

it started with the Luparii
willfully, hunting me
then crowning the prince with my skin

the blood and the flesh of my breeds
scraped of will, while slumbering
gone into fog grey dawning. . .

science and faith cleaved
into three

man, beast, and machine
never to see. . .
shrouded in blindness ?
your life's so holy ?
don't need me !

run from the sun, won't you ?
fall from the sun, run too. . .

Please, how can you keep
running me down to the ground
all you have is me

. . .not 3 splintered lies
man, beast, and machine dies
all i have is you. . .

your metal birds fly
low screaming cloud covered night
drowned inside my head

think war's massacre?
if my eyes were yours. . .

it ended with faces pale~in'
willfully, hunting me
then crowning the princess to be. . .

with blood on your hands at grey dawn
ignorant and slumbering
blackening sun, wind, and stars

run from the sun, won't you ?
fall from the sun, run too. . .

science and faith cleaved

man, beast, and machine

shrouded in blindness ?

my eyes are your eyes !

not man, machine, and beast :
trinity misery. . .
look to ophidian's tongue
leads to the garden of one !


music + lyrix: Vorticite/ Jh0st

copyright~protected :     2        0        1        2

O p h i d i a n z   M u z i k   P u b l i s h i n g


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