Zultanz u.v. Vorticite

S*u*v*t*V* history: [recording’s names, dates + personnel for web page later]: There are 3 basic phases in the chronology. Celestia on drums (1/3) Cycl0tron on drums w/o Dr.0hn (1/3) and V0rticite/ Cycl0tron/ Dr.0hn trio (1/3). The few sessions taped w/ Dub \/\/0n on auxiliary (2cd) bass you hear on this page were the project's final music, the proverbial iceage on the space-cake. I initiated the 1st recordings in 1995 by overdubbing samples or guitar on top of live drums (Celestia) + wah-wah bass (Vorticite).

When Cycl0tr0n still lived down highway oo* as a studio engineer apprentice we started recording whenever he was in town to visit. With such titles as Highway 00* and Descent: Diespiter's Atmosphere, and Falling Waterfall Drone, each being a 30 minute side of tape that I would mix the same day after adding all the overdubs. Later we started jamming with various guitarists (LM, CF, Ehm4) + just doing everything live/ improvised first-take, a practice which lasted till the last phase when we added a second bassist in Dub \/\/0n  By that time we were onto repetitive song structures.

phase III: V0rticite + Cycl0tron imagined a sound based on those sessions with various guitar-slingers. Dr0hn's name came up as the only person we knew who could realize our ideal S*u*v*t*V* trio. We had seen him perform eB0w guitar w/ a noise improvisation group using his earlier V0x 'piggyback' amp. I will not forget the first time we 3 kicked out the jams at his place, knocking out about 4 or 5 songs with ease as if we had written and rehearsed them: 'flames' + 'song2' were first played that night…all improvised live, never played or written before. Musical deja vu. I remember being surprised at how we came up with music that seemed so organized when we had said nothing before rolling tape except "lets work around chord [x]". In that sense we were true minimalists, rock used 3 chords we only needed 1.

To illustrate 3 clear sections to Sultans history, the name also evolved. The early stuff in '95 was 'Black Kali's Sultans u.v. the Vortex'. After various guitarists we ended up w/ a solid trio lineup. 'Sultans u.v. the Vortex, also known as S*u*v*t*V*. This spelling  as a logo was to have 'Spinal Tap/ Motorhead' typeface German umlauts [double dots over vowels] on both 'u's. S*u*v*t*V*'s  gig @ Tokyo Rose [the _sushi~rock_ bar, a few u.v. Vorticite’s favorite things?] in C/VA opening for Karl Precoda's Last Days of May– formerly he played lead in LA's  Dream Syndicatewe were billed as 'Sultans of the Vortex'. The true spelling: 'Sultans u.v. the Vortex' w/ the umlauts in a Cramps style 'horror' typeface. A psychedelic*space*doom*drone; the music, name, + spelling all showed that.

One field trip for the band was going to see 70mm Destiny in Space at the Omnimax… then went to  my old prac spot on Broad St. to record some drone epix. That whole thing of recording more relative to not gigging as much was efficient; we covered so much creative lunarscapes that way. When it comes that easy you don't realize how rare it is till later? Yet even then I knew we were doing something heavy; two local bands did their own concerts w/ one long song & drones then told us we'd inspired them to do so.

We did our 'one long doom epic' music before Sleep's Jerusalem was out. Sleep's Holy Mountain was out though + encouraged me to fulfill a longhair retro-70's music vision. Earth II: 'Special Low Frequency Version' was out before SUVTV, I just still have not ever heard it. We arrived at similar tho separate innovations. A friend in a shockrock horror metal band taped me Melvin's Lysol on the back of Hellhammer's Apocalyptic Raids. In mid-90's he found HH's cd in Europe;  same tour he met HH/CF bassist (who had promoted their  show in Zurich)+ even rode an 'Alien~train' thru H.R. Giger's home! Giger's a fan of both his band + a friend of Celtic Frost… someday I'll iTune Earth II + rattle the windows! Untill the SuvtV boxset is mixed I will wait to confront our sonik doppelganger.

S*u*v*t*V* recorded  at a warehouse we pioneered as a practice space in Scott's Edition area- later international metal gods would stalk  these halls and shake the walls. We then split the rent between Sultans u.v the Vortex & DT's (our postpunk~rock alter egos {check out 'You Take It All b/w Exit Screaming' 7" on Merge Records} and a few other groups. The large {125' x 75'} open floor sounded killer w/ natural EQ + massive clean reverb. We were doing 4 or 8 track demos there all the time. You could see whole 'sound u.v. yr life' radio tower from there, plus it had doors to a rooftop to hang out between takes as well. Non Ex Nihilo…viva heavy doom.**** v0rticite 16.10.07 ****

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