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Skeptical utopianists or sardonic romantics; the Reason was “why not!” WEPT answered a koan no one had asked {yet for an old man in a white hat who ruled Mid~Earth}. From a fret~less studio ‘womb,’ to echoes of deep sea life, to the boiler room telecasting icons over a ray~0~tube… WEPT contributed star balls to the awakened, then exited on a winter’s solstice. As psychic garage rockers they read then re-wrote the deathrock sea scrolls. Defrosting deforestation as a freeze dried no~zone, whole. “With the sun up we forgot about the stars.”


In 1985 the naively esoteric project Jesus Wept was formed by Jhøst, Vorticite,  Xopher,+ jc533.  This mkI lineup made an eponymous c-60 demo/album which inspired Xarrier Xommvnicationz Xassettez to support member’s side & solo projects. We were invited to play live at random parties in a nascent exurban deathrock scene. The stage was set:  Jh0st~ Korg Poly-800 distortion-synth, Vorticite~ white Kramer Striker 700st bass,  jc533~ PV ‘expatriot’ V-Matic guitar, Xopher~ lead vox &  Sekova guitar. /\ Roland tr~707 provided rhythmic crash. We had no idea we’d just formed a band! Fans assumed at these impromptu party-gigs [including occasional Black Flag or Joy Division covers] that our studio compilation demo called Jesus Wept meant that was our band name. The rest is history, as written by the victors of songwriting albeit sans glory.

In ’85 it all began with the Suckies. Named thus as we’d just bought instruments and could not play them right yet! This group never played live. Maybe because we were perpetually driving from NOVA to VFW halls in MD trying to find/see/hear Rites of Spring gigs, but pre GPS never found one!? Luckily we saw |8ter version of RofS called Happy Go Licky which was paint peeling & ceiling shaking! Suckies drummer Dare Zero, who hosted bands inept genui ‘hearse [pracs’] did appear on one Wept track: Those [aka ‘big mac’]. When the punk 1-2-3-4 thing seemed played out, rest of the band moved to Jh0st’s 4 track sessions as a musical outlet. Drummer Dare Zero next formed Baby on Board [a.k.a Friends],  & even O~Ring [with Vorticite] |8ter.

Cherry Cavendish, the Boiler Room‘s glow, rooftop scaling, fondue & Korean tea in the vestibule our only vices. Jh0st + jc533 shared a writing class which the teacher mentioned “Jesus wept.” is the shortest sentence in the Bible. Jhost & jc533 thought this would be apt name for our demo. This inept genui name |8ter became an albatross. Thus in the 21st century: WEPT. We had stabilized mkI lineup, however (cue flashlights!) in studio various instruments were played by /\ll. Rudenotse, followed by Dokken @ LHS Talent Show, next Kross W would fill the revolving drum chair, not unlike Spinal Tap? WEPT was always (still) in flux. So far including drum machine we’ve had no less then 7 drummers, 4 guitarists & 2 keyboardists! Now, an ophidian return to duo/trio?

J. Wept mkII [’86]: Vorticite on bass, Jh0st onYamaha DX~21, Xopher vox & guitar, & Rudenotse joined on live drums (Gretsch gold sparkle, think Art Blakey!). Wept recorded 2nd album ‘Rudenotse Wake 2’ in Jh0st’s garage; both literally & figuratively paying our dues to garage rock. Covers included ‘Low Rider‘ complete with Farfisia type keyboard & spring reverb. We/pt weren’t being retro, just couldn’t afford good gear yet! We  liked the Doors, the Stranglers and L/\’s so~called ‘Paisley Underground’ scene. Wept mkIII formed as Jh0st switched from Yamaha dx21 ‘FM’ synthesis> b+w Telecaster, Br/\insc/\n joined on Mirage, Ensoniq’s 1st gen sampling keyboard. Kross W added beats via his Pearl Rockbirds. From Japan with love? LL Kool W!

Vorticite purchased for peanuts (earned shoveling snow from that season’s blizzard) his Gibson Grabber from a covers band Jhost was helping out on saxophone. It would , like Xopher’s ’67  Telecaster [procured from Chuck’s W.M.C. for less then a Squire,when vintage Fenders we;re devalued if not ‘stock’ : it has a 70s Supa Distortion routed in center] become names for eponymous songs ‘Grabber‘ & ‘Telecaster‘.  Once jh0st obtained a walnut es-335 from the old Southworth in NW, we had Rock ‘n’ Roll Over Gibson & Pearl gear! Except KISS’s was free! Not our /\mpeg & Roland JC55/77/120 /\mps, nor Standell, Citation, PV kb100. Boss efx pedals & bx-800 mixer plus our trusty Tascam 234 w/ SRV-2000 reverb outfitted the Turquoise Room studio.

This same mkIII group would go on in their Summer u.v. Weptonomy (working full time & rehearsing or recording 6 nights & gigging 1 night every week) to produce that lineup’s final statement: EXIT. The summer of  ’88 WEPT played nearly every local venue: d.c. space, Asmara, Safari, Kazz Club, Club Heaven, Fort Reno Park,  Rockitz & Sunnybucks: Pierce the Intruder tour! We could play [sans opening band] up to 3 sets originals in one night. The middle set began with sampled whales & alto sax over Vorticite’s ‘Fin Whale’. Sets were often tailored > venue + vibe, like @ Asmara restaurant in Adams~Morgan we played a jazs instrumental intro set.

Of course the same patrons at the bar who dug that were perplexed when we launched into smoke~machine worthy warhorses like ‘Indian’ or ‘Autophel‘! Influences then were WHFS 102.3 ‘above it all’, seeing Ornette Coleman perform Song X live, solo Eno & Frippertronix, 9353, PMG, the Minutemen, Sonic Youth’s endless touring to support Evol & Sister, early Simple Minds, And Also the Trees, Cocteau Twins/4A.D., Bad Seeds/Birthday Party/E.N… Back in our respective state colleges with sporadic pracs & transposed concertos;  Jh0st drew his monospeed designs & Vorticite sculpted tenor sax chaos while Xopher painted reductionist canvases.

Wept met Freak at our 1st club gig at d.c. space  (june ’87) who mentioned Vorticite’s Gibson Grabber bass was similar to mid 70’s Kiss bass. Kross W confirmed that Kiss Alive II’s cover did indeed have an identical bass. Which is ironic as we prevented his zealous frenzy of drumming too much by heralding in studio: “Stop playing like Peter Criss!“. If he had busted out with an acapella version of Beth, that may have sealed the deal! Honestly though, it was the ease which Kross played various song ideas, from the ‘Bauhaus-NOVA’ rimshots on ‘Deforest‘ to jazs ride cymbal triplets of ‘Defrost‘ that empowered Wept to play ‘beyond genre’ which was our goal…

Br/\insc/\n’s translucent epiphany of 8-bit Mirages perfectly completed a seamless noir ambiance which has yet to be repeated in rock. Like most things about Br/\insc/\n it remains a mystery. Walking across an empty parking lot near 4th u.v. July, we found a discarded fireworks box with an enigmatic name: Star Ball Contribution. Having just finished mixing our 3rd album, was it a message from our muse? The revelation was unsealed! Kross made a sepulchral blue wood block print album cover. We played d.c. space for the record release show which sounded hi~fi as GuSound rocked the mix, giving us a big theater sound in the club.

An opening slot for Bjork at Traxx was canceled when she had laryngitis!The kurse u.v. Weptmass Past again? Wept did later open for Psychic TV at Rockitz in front of a sold out crowd. That band included our mutual flyer in their Origin of the Species album. Genesis, who was friends with I.C. compared us well to Joy Division. Next we hosted our own Carrier Communications multi-media group art showing at  Henry Street Gallery. Wept performed a short tight set. /\ final intense gig at Kross W’s party {it’s recalled Jh0st shredded on his 335}. Fans swarmed our amps making more noise. End: Exit phase…

Wept tracked Ikon, and a new tune Glass Insulator in 1993 on 3m 996 tape @ 30 i.p.s. as available in the Katalog as 9305 EP. Xopher’s literally stellar (“oh heavenly bodies, shine so bright, on a cold starry night”) vocal w/ expedient lyric penned with Guinness on a fire escape looking over Gotham the night before session. Endless tape manipulation + articulated artwork became obsessions of endless pointing toward a ‘final show’  that would never materialize.  Now the  pretext ‘Jesus’ has been dropped from a band name that too literally borrowed from history.  Wept’s now refining feedback symphonique hypnotique minimalism0 spherez u.v. reverberation…

In 2004, after years of perennial 90’s pilgrimage for Weptian Re:hearse, Jh0st was visited by Vorticite in Boston.  They tracked live to stereo Ikon, Exit, and Telecaster. ‘The kurse u.v. Weptmass past’ swept in to erase the hard drive of the session highlight~ that’s how our anti~muse rolls! [take 1 of telecaster replete w/ Les Paul ripping solo is lost to the ether] No matter, Vorticite overdubbed fretless bass (now a standard hallmark u.v. band) after soju & Korean BBQ. We went to D.M.J. shop to buy a $100 generic red-sparkle 3 piece drumkit for the session that very morning. /\ll 3 tunes were cut within 24 hours. Vorticite borrowed Jhost’s fretless P-bass (nearly identical to his own), amped thru a ‘chopped & screwed’ Fender Bassman [a 4×10 cut down to a 2X10] w/ it’s ‘immortality tone stack’ [master volume] mod. Jazs deathrok lives! The tricks shall prevail {/\be said so}! WEPT OO 2011 OO XARRIER INFRASTAERWERX

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