Gig~f|yers {summer 1988}

25.05.88 d.c.sp@c3. guSound = huge small club sound. board tape extant for future release?

16.06.88 two sets [no opener}. camper van beethoven borrowed our fanz 'cross street @9:30

19.07.88 asmara ethiopian rst. {adams morgan} instru~ jasz intro set b4  full volume exit set…


8/88 fort reno park w/ radio blue- anutha killa live miX [guSound] beneath tenley radio tower


d.c. sp@c3  5/88. note *06.05.88 don cherry & ed blackwell* 13.05.88 honor role* 25.05.88 W3p+*




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photo x X/\rr13r 1nfr/\st/\rw3rx R3c0rd1ngs

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‘Production of Moral Fiber’ x Christopher

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Reward Offered to Help Identify Fred-Freak Smith’s Killer

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Epic Onstage Walkouts

the real life Spinal Tap’s ‘greatest misses’. . . anti~starring Marilyn Manson, Axl Rose, Billy Jo Armstrong, Kourtney Luv etc. ” do we have..

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

~ C U R B ^ Y R ^ E N T H U S I A S M ~

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Jello Biafra

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