|k0n ’93\’05 {EP}




Vorticite: bass, drum
jh0st: guitar
X: vox
M.Mc: drum

WEPT would like to thank Jhost~bro /\ |-|0ng for producing along with co-engineer J|m S0r3ns0n the ’93 half of this EP. Getting WEPT onto 3M 996 reelz via Studer 24 track running @ 30 i.p.s. thru SSL console then was our first attempt at what is now the trend: combining the best of both analog & digital recording realms. Clearly our cleanest recordings up to that date. The ’05 trilogy of tuneage was a D/D/D signal path. . .

The wind was dormant as we watched silver chariots in the citadel below from our falkonz perch of Guinness driven filterless Drum glory above the din///this was pre~virtual Metropolii when denizens were free to honk and shout as a city should. a modern kontemporary futurist would never be able to tolerate the endless red tape labyrinth and petty regulations. a city is meant to breath with the life of a dragon, not the whimpering of a cartoon. upstate the high voltage step down transformer hummed in 60 cycle bliss.

we tapped the line straight into our hearts and let the feedback flow without fear, like the shark cage opened and straight into the jaws of life we emerge eternal titanium shimmering frozen & gilded in kosmik endurance and infinite bias towards the unlimited sonik pastures of space debris and [post gravitational orbits around nothing in no time with no real destination other then our own bad division of laborious selves, not discrediting $atans’ elves in their obsessed my0pic incessant rambling near never at the center of oblivion.

we listened hardly at all to their whispers of impending extinction turned eons of empty silence, yet 15 years flashed like the wink of the wizard’s glass eye as we soldiered on in an endless march into the abhorrent magnetik attraction of urban phantoms merging:  just now from the shadowz u.v. sonik reducers. all glare and mirror image replikation of one’s ever increasing apetites for construction of the solstice monitorz, we watch a macrowave compendium of stellar relapse into lightless voids larger then the godz’ l0st soulz.

without respite or recharge, our travails led us our separate ways for this decade and 1/2 u.v. no new songs; Hwvr in fact a dozen albums on our own were made in the gap and in mesa’s of mongoloid ekstasis 24″ subsonique b/\ss bins rumbles their triumphant cacophony in Himalayan architectonic, whilst said solace of sleeping gypsy’s were free to wander the foothills of nirvana in search of the lost hearts of lightness in a diaphanous timbre unseen and unheard by ascetic renunciate’s forlorn rejection u.v. xolarized perm/\0rbit.

the autobahn u.v. excess lined with golden cornerstones indeed led via satellite navigation straight into the empty anechoic chamber where it was diskovered that silence is in fact only a state of mind induced by an enlightened subjects’ endomorphik reticulum, for at the end of this path of illuminationz across raging seas in spectrum zer0.

beyond the scripts of a dozen ancient tongues, an initiate’s arcane sanctimonious wisdom. one might enter the realm of broken watches found on parking meters in purgatory’s judgment day ‘as-seen-on-tv’ specials broadkast on holidays, lingering in unstoppable concentric waveforms within every moment of  future & past which become indeterminate once the event horizon is breezed and one submerges in trans-Newtonian dissemination u.v. egoless entropy.

accepting the collapsing supernova as ones guiding light can never outshine a pulsar which can in fact transmogrify time and space’s volume in a subtle acoustic mimicry within the one tone which resonates throughtout every realm regardless of relative scale, which in the end all exists in a recordable diaphragm u.v. destiny called dreams or nightmares as they flicker like a blacklight skorpion silhouetted against a quasar extending it’s atonal disharmonious grasping phantasm hand u.v. doom in /\s+ra| aurora arboretumz.

like a skeletal spektral phase shift into the mysteri0n, without a single regret diving into a vortice of energy past the measurable meters u.v. science or the hopelessly inadequate viaduct of faith to find a pool of immortality which only is extant in the cerebral vortex echoing solemnly from the pupil of solar cores, massive fluctuations within the flares of our suns blinded third mind as it rages in transcendent ellipses u.v. liberation from mundane bylaws that govern a comprehensive omnipotence we call Gyrexian Xykronitude, a state of momentum > OO.



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