Naked Hope {live}


©1987 xarrier infrastarwerx  |  R>225>|)|}


Vorticite: bass
jh0st: guitar
X: vox
Krozz Warsaw: drum
IReverend Brainskan: keys

18 songs: unreleased live to stereo clean WEPT recordings? The naked hope?  The calm before the storm? Yes the lads were ins8n spending endless afternoons and evenings in a 'genuii hearse', attempting to summon that rocking genii from a spell on a message in a sea stow~away bottle? Live From the Concrete Deck, in the tresure chest of so~called naked hope? Well written as they were the Starball Contribution songs needed some texture, dynamic and progressive song structures added to the live set… these songs would come to known as EXIT a 7 song studio LP recorded that summer of 1988.  We created hella t0ns0 music in 3 years, only we know that many of best songs were not on LPs! Which is why if you did not see the shows you did not know how together we were…just ask a fan! That is, untill now… now new listeners can get a scope on what we were about: playing tight live as an ensemble version while improving the whole arrangements at times. Sort of unlike other groups then, in fact now as well.

 'Wept dichotomy' We had a fatal~flaw; misunderstood? Wept were a multifacted band that played deathrock, punkrock, gothic, goth~metal, doom metal, new wave, post~punk, bebop, free jazz, etc sometimes all in 1 song! Which is when it sounds like on EXIT the 3 'riddim' section cats be shifting their minds like schiz0z. Exurban xykosis moods from section to section, yet the themes are super linear…so in some songs it fades in and out of being completely a bonus to a detraction as we cycle thru the riffs. At last we see the whole story there. 0n 'Exit Ramp' like a disembodied voice from beyond totally spo00ky. 
Wept have moved on: it is a cool document, sounds like the Lounge Lizards crossed with And Also the Trees? 0n 'Exit Ramp'; a very bizzare tune, in a kool way too, Wept had a way of really suckerpunching listeners. First getting way out in improvisation, just when they feel lost bringing back the jams. This tune shows that when Wept vulcanized mentally with the music, we never ever knew from take to take song to song part to part where we would flail and where we would reveal the Weptian revelations!   Still we worked under the misguided muse of "pop art'?! Warhol would have had nothing to do with this band of fashion-free anti-image quintet. Nothing fake to sell here.
The whole band went out on a limb in improvs and took the crowd on a trip some less sucessful then others but we were freaking brave to try it. This whole jam was recorded in parking garage, an iceage mythos? Same acoustics as the alleged concrete deck and its more epic. Clearly the first 3 -5 tunes were what other bands call 'warming up', Wept tuned and went right into set. Played each song once and moved on~ thats harsh baby, that a real man's prac' sesh! Its the no mistakes allowed rule: in Wept you got one chance and 1 chance only to get it right, be that your chance to play in the band or nail a take onstage , at 'hearse, or in studi0.  Play live or dye yr hair blu~black, don't 'do it yourself' {D.I.Y}! Props to the drummer on this tune: bass & gtr both tryed to jump into the chorus 4 bars early and he held back then we all nailed it on time. Tho any 'truth' in Wept is debateable we may have forgotten many details; better to reissue now then another 2 decades.
Wept really had to concentrate to get thru our tunes, if 1 person faded for 1 second the whole thing could fall apart. Wept were subtle, layered and told a story. No matter how famous the alternative rock legacy became {even moreso later}, they never could still have actually been able to master the 500 shades of black. With their dumbed down heavy handed ripoff volume dynamics ideal/z , they could never write record arrange improvise and perform a song like 'Grabber' or jam some doom ice~sage jasz like 'Exit Ramp'. Oh yeah there are 16 other rockers to dig as well! Turn the lights down real low, turn the hi~fi up real loud, crack open the rarest wine and imbibe the sounds of another tape from the lost crypt. A catacomb of dark illuminations reside inside. LISTEN & WEEP!!!!!!  



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