Rudenotse {Wake II}



* * * *   W 3 P T  :  R U D 3 N 0 T S 3   W /\ K 3   i i * * * *

Vorticite: bass
jh0st: keys, sax
X: vox, guitar
Rudenotse: drum

Rudenotse Wake 2 speaks for itself. Recorded in a garage on Macbeth Street, with Rude as the pr0g~r0ck Xing on a series of 4 track xassette machines~ & spring then digital reverb. Jh0s+z ‘br0’ /\|-| hooked us up with the best consumer/pro reverberation processor at the time: Xarrier’z ikonik SRV~2000. It made a difference in what our sonik production quality could become. We were gigging regularly and you can hear it in the way Xopherz guitar plays a jazz~vibes like counterpoint to Jhost’z Yamaha Dx-21 keyboard leads. Vorticite developed his signature 59~esquire |00ping bassline riffs, allowing modal improvisiation & harmonic substitutions. . .  Jh0s+ & jc53.3 kontinued unique akoustik gtr w/ forlorn synthesis t0n3p03mz: ‘Wildflower’.

There are tight song structures as far as verse/chorus, but within those confines this is a band that like to throw down- hard- and give it everything the song could handle every time. Each show had a slightly evolved improved vs. u.v. the tunes. Rudenotse Wake 2 is a honest xross section of that then evolving process. Turn this up L0UD /\S H3|| on yr headphones; think about these ‘Rudecdotes’…a sampling u.v. the most notoriously hilarious Weptian alumni bar none!

Rude story 1>1.5: Twice, once in one bandmembers driveway and later in some parking lot/ abandoned field, authority figures had to ask him “What are you staring at?” as he gazed intently at oil patterns from the road washing up on the rainwater. Story 2: he went on a bikerace training ride with another bandmate and got so wiped out he became catatonic & mute. They had to call for some friends with a car to bail him out of his tranz-oxygen debt…Rudenotse! WAKE UP!

There was the time he brought us up on Premonitory Ridge to look at 3 states blinking radio towers and claimed in our vulnerable xychronized s+/\+us that the shooting stars were indeed not asteroids but UFOs! Story III: he made a series of bizarr0 performance art and multimedia pieces culminating in a marriage proposal video to then pop~queen Madonna. He left WEPT to h0b0 rails across a continent, blind his 3y3z, then sit in a dark barn in BigSky land. B0ss Su!c!d3?

Once upon a t!!m, there was a quartet with /\ Ro|and Tr-7o7 to rock basement house parties in exurbia. Then they saw the ‘mean guy’. The ‘weird dude’. Chop cut peroxized semi-mullet which l8ter morphed int0 a triple~m0hawk when he went ‘s0|0’. They knew ‘n0+’ his Christian name; could he have one, as singer of ‘Natas’? Was he from Middle Earth, or Mordor itself? He was like a Hawkwind roadie: equal parts acid~washed h!pst0mat!k, hardcore-punk, prog-rocker & b/\d/\$ kungfu rdnck? The life u.v. Rud3 N0+S3 was always intense, mahn. “I+’z n0+ +00 |8+ +0 r3p3n+”!

Also bleached till falling apart jean shorts with hiking boots. Like a freaked out hillbilly with a genius IQ…imagine a TG-era pre-tranz Genesis kombined with Suaron the bad wizard from Tolkien cyborged via Marvin the Martian + a strange hybrid of Bo & Luke crossbred w/ Rundgren~J.Cope. World, shu+yr welcome! His p0pz allegedly watched 3 tvs at once and built an 10 foot art-gate to their backyard. This cat had gold sparkle vintage Gretsch drums + could write [imaginary] time signatures of 78.3/15? Jh0s+ severely doubtz THAT. In ’86 only Steven Hawkings, N/\S/\, a Kray0n xupakomputa or Berkley Konservatory could fathom his t!!m kodaz. “I+’z n0+ +00 l8+ +0 sh/\r3”!

Sorcen was our only way of taming his percussive tsunami. . . We needed a drummer and found out that musician truism the hard way: drummers are t0ta| fr33x! Just listen to his vocals on Pins and Needles, White Hat or Natas for a wicked preview of his solo albums. Just wait, they make the craziest things you heard on Radio Xarrier so far like the Mormon Choir! Hint: those chantz foreshadow our Mirage of non~ironic 8*bit Star Ball Contribution… We do not overstate the avant guardianizm which Rudy then flew the flag for Xarrier. Look forward to such klassix as Magic Leaf, ‘bathtub vs. Subur00’, HAVERZLIZURD, and the Luv*^%# Enthusiast {b0$$u!c!d3}!

Whatevz, the bottom line is the WAKE !! era Wept was the most fun we ever had. The music got even better l8tr, but the whole pot u.v. g0ld at the end of the happy trails myth about fame and fortune are just that: a myth. We were laughing our kollective /\**3* off, all the time, as you can hear on the track Pins & Needles. Whether it was Jhost threatening to flog our musikally challenged ineptitudez with the notorious 3-three prong single kast orange electric~extension line {u.v. which Rude was the most often challenged with this fate!}. “The reason is Why”?

Vorticites inevitable post-gig band kritique u.v the performance beginning with accusation towards komplete failure always mutated into meglomaniacal zelebration u.v. inherent inept genuii! The whole Wake 2 thing was a Great Escape. Like the tune Exurbia states “our light is pure white, our air is Frigidare. Sub urban wasteland, like a city without the crime. Been inside all day, got to find escape…some way”. Music was then, and now, Weptian salvation deluxe. WEPT’z Xyrogenetik since 1986; in a void u.v. exurbian n0kultur {as w3 s33 it} da W3p+ mahn thriveth!

You may notice a parallel from Wake I’s ‘Nice to Wake II’s ‘Sunny Day’. Wept tried to include one sarcastic\melodic song per album. There is also a parallel between the kr33py AM radio~static vibe from Wake I’s ‘This Hell’ and Wake II’s ‘White Hat’. ‘Boiler Room’ also presaged ‘Quiet Room’. There is a corresponding tranzmutation from Wake II > Wake III: the observational 9yr3x extantitude u.v. both readymade radio klips on ‘As I see It’ as well as ‘mm16’. “Thank you J3zvz”!

This internal Xarridition extendeth both into the past (Eg: the Willz W0rld ‘virtual’ radio show, or the lead in voice beckoning the listener to sleep on EXIT Wake IV’s xynterlude before Ikon [then] and Visionary [remastered mix]. This kommon thread theme running both thru Weptian b|uk|33r dissimilitude and Xarrier overa|| lend kreedence to the koncept that we exist in a vibrational 0mniverse where all sounds exist in a Xarrikrucian 3SP~orbit circumnavigating the symphonix!

W i t h   t h e   s u n   u p   w e   f o g o t   a b o u t   t h e   s t a r s . . . ”   ~   + 3 | 3 k /\ s +

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