Winter Sölstice {EP}


Vorticite: bass
jh0st: guitar, bass
X: guitar, tr-707

in separation r3v3rs3 anagrams, in the winter x0lstice of 1988 x\wv\jh regathered after the after-math.  it was as if the magnetik distance had kreated a vulkan mind transfer, to each his own, but his own wuz the otherz!  wv vokalized spookin’ and play3d b/\ss like jh, x played guitar in an ‘sordide elemental’ time signature(!) , jh played bass in some other time but mirroring wv’s b/\ss t3kn|qu3s – all of it hearkening back to proto-wept, pre-starball, even tho ex|+  Lp was on the h0r|z0n.

the be/\tz programming was brought to the table by x with his newly acquired tr707, references to air weight after hearing the beginningz of s+/\+k 01 led to a heated debate on the song title which led to the kathartik aftermath of wv’s post spookin’ cookin’ weight and volume rant, all in good tea in the turquoise room, poised before the iceploitaion of the summ3r of ex|+…


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