“Jesus wept.” {Wake I}

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WEPT gathered in ‘studi0 |0ft’; next, Dare Zer0’s basement and finally settled in the Turquoise Room to record these 16 songs in the fall & winter of ’85/’86. Without slightest clue of even an album! Best efforts from sessions spawned a band which lasted over a quarter century at last count. The Suckies had only recently disbanded. having given up after finding writing songs with no clue as to how to play one’s chosen instrument! It could prove a stumbling block (which did not stop them from trying). Dare Zer0’s transitional figure in-between the 2 bands; appearing on snare drum accents for ‘Hang 10′, plus both drum set & violin on ‘Those‘ a.k.a. ‘BigM/\c’. There are plenty of instrumentals on this album, unlike |8ter WEPT. A pair from jc533 ‘Hue‘ & ‘Hydrosphere‘, as well as a several from Vorticite’s basslines: ‘Urban Psychosis‘,  ‘Womb’, &  ‘Fin Whale‘ {titled in it’s ‘genius~species’ Latin on track listing}.

The sarcasm, sardonic wit and jaded attitudes ran deep for being adolescents; check ‘Nice’, or when Xopher makes a classic rock vox reference on ‘A Surrealist‘; “she loves me? yeah, yeah. yeah…” There are also moments u.v. pure antipathy: ‘Those‘ & ‘Hang 10‘s forlorn exurban hazards. “With mechanical intensity bulldozing over all shades of reality, regardless of art”, having “fallen into phone booths where there’s no dial tone” in the protagonist’s quest for love with his Pink Flower. “You could shatter me, splatter me…like so many paints against a wall. You could saint me, paint me, like so many leaves onto a barren tree.” These are songs of unrequited love not unlike Robert Johnson’s ‘Love in Vain’. As Xopher summed up at the conclusion of Side /\…“We are not intoxicated with liquor or love or leaves. No, we will worship the sun.”

Side B begins with some opera radio static, the sound of a chain melting in looping times, & /\ soundklash u.v. nightmare xychedelic piano & guitars. Further disassociation and disambiguosity  continue with a rock song about the ROTC, sunflower seeds and the average bloke like who? The 1st telelogikal song of it’s genre follows with a bass ballad ode to the whales, free in the great oceans of Planet Earth. This tribute is then tempered by /\ mellow, melodic pastorality of  ‘Hue‘; conjuring a bicycle ride through the autumn along a rusting abandoned rail line. ‘Suzy’ certainly’s the finest 16 speed German circus Oompah band electroclash d0wnerz funhouse cracked~mirror song…at least the only song in that genre? ‘Those’, quite simply, was WEPTs reaction to being chased from a fast food restaurant by an entire football team. Let’s just say the exurbz were not ready for Vorticite’s ‘Total Freedom’ jacket, Jh0st’s peroxized orange tall hair; even less prepared for his patented ‘tin drum film’ hollow wail.

When they were answered with his inhuman shrill void tone at maximum volume; this set off a primal hunting urge in these devolved lower primates. All we wanted was a few burgers! So they wanted a war? Wept sped off in Zer0’s rocker-barge wagon and proceeded to respond; once they got back to Zer0’s basement then set up some mics. . . The irony’s by Wake III album the same would-be persecutors were trying desperately to befriend the band {who were by then playing to hundreds at parties from Marshall > South Lakes}, hoping to meet the ladies in the audience! ‘Boiler Room‘ & intro ‘Carrier‘ document /\ temporary culture of post-recording session visits to the song title’s glowing glass wall {within which the ‘Pump Chart‘ later inspired a new song on Climatron Gellosphere Groove}. Cherry Cavendish on the rooftop, fondue w/ blacktea at studio, or ‘Drum’ cigarettes outside at skate-ramp awaiting an overdub. “Of all the places you could have gone tonight, Why did it have to be the Boiler Room?”

Vorticite: bass
jh0st: keys, sax
X: vox


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“Jesus wept.” {Wake I}