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Jh0st & jc533 were d0ing 0ccasional sessions sparked from jc533's arpeggi0 stylization and neu me|0dik inventionz. Jh0st would transp0se these me|0dik m0mentum riffs int0 m0dal suspended ch0rds 0r augment the basic changes. They became surprising past0ral t0ne p0ems w/ ambient permutations, f0||0wing jc533's dynamik u.v. f0cusing 0n the subtle {rather than exaggerated hyper~b0|ix} aspects u.v. what 'r0ck' can be. In fact, these 3 experiments, while n0t fully formed int0 band treatments, actually parallel much u.v. the eponymous "Jesus wept." a.k.a Wake I LP. The full-length album als0 has a number u.v. stark so|o & du0 instrumentati0n songz.

As 0pp0sed t0 a standard bass/drums/guitars/v0x format, they 0ffer a m0re intimate and pr0t0~ minimalist perspective. One could even g0 further t0 say these 0u++akes represent a very early prem0nition u.v. s0-called 'p0st~r0ck'. This genre would come to critical prominence in the late 90's, a full 15 years ahead 0f it's time! In any event, the 2 v0cal variati0n dubs u.v. '2 & 1/2 Vacancies' al0ng w/ 'Saccharin' & 'Br0ad Jump' seemed t0 alm0st be a side~pr0ject within the 1st album. If y0u consider 'Hydr0sphere' & 'Hue' did make the cut f0r Wake I, they c0uld just as easily have been 0n an EP with these 4 simpatic0 0u++ake 'b0nus trax'.

An interesting sub-hist0ry within the 1st Wept LP: a special c0ntribution to the c0ncept 0f the band's incepti0n. The combination of Jh0st's spectral ambiance 0n acoustik pian0 while jc533 picked his signature arpeggi0s (n0t the m0re typical appr0ach to ch0rd changes being strummed) helped create a melancholy, warm, s0mehow reassuring vibe. The band w0uld |8er [by EXIT LP] transf0rm this int0 l0ud v0|ume dynamix versi0n u.v. the same m00d w/ full r0ck'n'r0|| v0r+ici+y arrangements. Xopherz additi0nal lead guitar 0n '2 & 1/2 vacancies' & cubist lyrical requiemz f0r l0st l0ve c0mpleted the st0ry. 'Welc0me' awaits 0n Wake II. . .








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