~~~Fujisan * Sakura~~~


Tea~rose Sakura :

{ peak into triangle}

Ultramarine sprite.


 Palisade / delta

Fujisan cherry blossom,

Indigo seraph!


Fuji fuses

with budding Thulian blooms

in a Sapphire sky…



Zenter * Sanslight


Unseen unheard u.v.

Fresh vizionz {are cascading}

Walking: empty tides


Lines u.v. green neon

Fyber optech objection

Ground lift fader glowz


Infinitii reference

Abertrodz ex-Celcius

Hydr0~v0rtice flash!



Eight Iceku in Song Formz



wind: we now are here
lightning along watchtower…
telekast sun's dream



[invisible freedom shines]
dark matter alone



creature = liberty
canine explorer reigns on,
without limits now!



beyond survival~
nothing but ice and moonlight!
{sans machine burden}



then she wept in peace…
fallen loyal pet is gone;
we march on in tears?



(one's truth is silent)
information is a lie!
wisdom, clear, abides…



regardless u.v. prescience,
we repeat errors



infinite rebirth
kompassion is yr ticket
lonely island, why?

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