The Ice Sage spins a tale full of mysterionz and idealism only known to pioneers romantics and fools….we tune in to her memory channel 8.88 kHz to witness:


Inside the mist and fog of the chasm, 30 times larger than the Grand Canyon, a mesa's silhouette pierced the gloom. Refracting the humid atmosphere's light beams as cast by the Siamese Lunar duo of icy satelites, planet Vorticite's own 'Myer's Rock' was home to it's largest city. Due to it's unique placement over 3 miles towards the omnisphere, it was only accesable  by hoverkoptorz, or for the Dome Wizardz only, advanced levitation. One such macro~guru was known as the Ice Sage…the Ice Sage had predicted that Earth would quickly become a place not worth staying on due to the increased greed of the Fuedalkorpz municipal inversion's of the early 21st century. Now, in the year 2088, her xychronique levitation allowed him a rare fencepost vision on both the past and the future.

Vorticite was the type of kolonizer gruppe {extra~planetoid residential zone/ EPRZ} that had earned it's reputation as what in Earth terms could be called a wild west mentality…astronomically speaking it did lie left of true North but more then that it was the people it'd attracted. Maybe the same types who liveds in Texarkana, Alaska or Idaho back in the States era. A strange mixture of renegade anti-heros, roughneck outdoorsman blue collar contractors, anti-techz, enlightenment seekers and a smattering of the kriminally ins8n with an occasional tekn0seer biomechanichal visionary. Let's just say if you wandered into an Ozone Bar seeking a pull (what used to be known as a shot, though now of course a metric count) of vaporized Tellamore Dew Irish whiskey, you might meet…well anyone. Meeting a dome wizard was not unlike meeting Gandalf or Obi1…they looked old , wise, yet somehow blended in with simple garb.

The Ice Sage did not wear a long white beard as wisemen so oft are apt to! In fact she looked more like an aging starlet  from tinseltown times when '50 was the new 30' although she was the sum of both in years, she looked not a day over 45. With her auburn xolar pigmented mane of healthy dirty blonde red hair to her waist, trim youthful figure and bi-kolored eyes (one green, one blue) she truthfully did stand out in the crowded Galactik Kantina. Decades of nomadic migration across the Xolar Plexigraph constellation had given her an air of authority only xonquistadors and tiim~xailors can have regarding  uncharted zones. As the Warloch u.v. the Hydra~Vorticez entered the establishment, all eyes {including 3rd eyes, infra xekurity cameras and xyklopik monospheres) were on him like rice on sushi. The factory salmon riased here on Vorticite was well known to be best in the lower 59 xolar klusterz, and as he tapped thrice on the kopperoid luminescent bar the bartendrez held up 3 fingers to the sushi xarriari who quickly and effortlessly sliced 3 pairs of sashimi cuts for the order. The bartendrez, herself a well known character in this region of downtown Diaphyneyez was wearing a jet black/ neon Indian sari, always the fashionista. She leaned forward and cuaght Hydra~V unawares, whispering "whaddya wanna drink Kowboy?" in her best mae West tone. Of course she knew he always drank unfiltered Sakura blozzom sake made with the best short grain Dragon~rice. He smiled at her professional flirtation – people said she made upwards of what in the 20th century woukld have been 'six figures' slinging Oxygen and Rye! She always knew her charges potion of choice and had it ready before the sushi..and thats fast considering the Xarriari had prepared a miniature 'sahimi city' out of radish and edible fiber optic blinking octopi tentacles in less then a minute!

Hydra~V (aka Hydroid) and Zonorette had a quiet understading of two individualists in a universe hell bent on their individual extinction. The mutual respect had never gone over the borderline of amouros degrees, yet since the General Reproduction Ban laws on kolonizer gruppes like Vorticite most people had forgotten that was even possible such was their addiction to virtual android love services. In any event their nearly ESP level of mutual recogntion empathy could only have been derailed by taking it to the next level, in fact the transcendent understanding they shared was closely guarded and neither asked as to why or how in fear of shattering the delicate dance of snowflakes in a Himalayan typhoon that was their unconsummated love. He only blew into town on buisiness several tiimz per Mayan Lunar gruppe 1 kalender year, but they always found time to get dinner atop the Frank Lloyd Wright recreation Kliffhouse Hotel which got 33 Michelin stars year in and out (the antiquted food & service rating system had finer layers of measuremtn now with 35 stars being perfection as opposed to the old 1 thru 3).

"So you meet any Terrabyte Alienz or Shockware kastaways lately?" he jested, knowing full well those two categorys of space drifters made up most of the Galaktik Kantinas clientelle during the Lunar Zoltice cold season as they prospected for the planets namesake element Vorticite in the Kanyon Minez streching out well beyond the Safteystripe Zone's landfills and sewage treatment facilitys past the outslirts of town. They congregated here in the Doividxion sector of the megalopolis due to it's plethora of cheap sustanance, stiff drinks and mid 20s star rated accomadations which they could all easily afford being flush with Bitkash. The kurrency usable in all extra-planetoid regions easily skanned on one's Bank Transfer Implant usually, for those who had not lost a hand in the Vorticite mines, under their ID barkode on the right and left wrists.

"No just been standing here waiting for my knight in shining Vortanium armor to come sweep me off my feet with a marrige proposal and a 8 karat sparklion!"

He laughed loudly so much that she did as well, laughing at her own "Ms Moneypenny meets Scarlett Ohara" sassy yet sweetly venomous faux~seduktion.

Hydroid quickly responded "Well I ain't no Phil Marlowe or Rick Deckard, I'm closer to Phillip K. Dick meaning a few cards short of a full house. The lights are on and I'm paranoid someone is home!" She cackled like an electric eel in a Hydro Electic plant and by then the whole bar was laughing with them.

Vision z-2

They boarded the midnite MHV (magento hi velocity) train in the mid-grid staion platform. Since all trains were elevated and frictionless in design, they could count on a on-tiim just subsonic (660 mph) travel to the Kilffhouse for a sashimi & skykap (sea urchin, or better yet monkfish liver). Leaving the station Hydroid was reminded how the geodesic archtitecture was an evoloution of R. Buckmister Fuller's original style, with updated glass which reacted to and reflected available sunlight while also serving as the xolarized power source for the rails and lights. The whole system of trains in this age was run off the stations.

As their public transport pulled out of town, it occured to Zonorette that she had once seen pictures of a city built in a jungle that was intended to be both a grand capitol and a model of the future. Was it called Brasilia? Whatever the name the white retro-avant buildings and clean litterless streets seemed to be the sucessful version of what that previous experiment had faded. The lessons learned from Frank Lloyd Wright about integrating the geometry into the available natural landscape, even letting that landscape dictate the forms had been applied in a majestic fashion. The skyline mimiced the mesa's jagged clifflines, and it's generally oval shapes.

The buildings glass facades refacted Ultra hi definition footage of colorful footage from oceanic sealife, creating a mind bending spectacle considering some of the buildings were over 300 stories or 1.5 miles tall. This grand scale would not work on Earth, but looked perfect and porportional atop the massive mesa, casting shadows over 15 miles long fro mthe dual binary moons when full space harvest luminosity lit up the Explorervoid holiday festival celebrating the planets discovery and kolonizerz triumph in habitating the first planet after where humans genesis had devolved into dystopia. The plethroa of obsidian meant that the glass was purely black, yet so thin it allowed enough light in while providing a perfect screen for the watery visions from another age and place.

"You always know a spacetourer when they stand there watching the fish, riight?" This urban tradition of patronising those visitors whose bewilderment in the megoplois enviroment had not changed since the days of a tourist being over obvious in there lack of knowledge with a camera around there neck and a map in hand. Now that the wristwizard had assimilated all digital tech devices from phone to stereo  to television to interplantery media~navigation hub.








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