Xarrier Xommvnikationz 2013 proudly presentz 

Ve|0 ][nstrufi|mz


Sound, image, and movement collapsed  & comptrolled into 1.

These  compositions are/were intended to accompany any

visual mediums including motion pictures, music videos,

documentary footage, advertising & art film 'shorts'. . .

Please contact us : info [at] Xarrier regarding either

liscensing our extant werx or having us compose,

record & produce a finished score to your films!

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Really American

~ B A N ^ P L A S T I C ^ B A G S ~

5 hours ago

5 hours ago

Steampunk Tendencies

~T R I N I T Y ^ L I B R A R Y ~

5 hours ago

Center for Biological Diversity

6 hours ago

The Most Unique Museum in DC You Didn't Know Existed

19 hours ago

X/\rr13r 1nfr/\st/\rw3rx R3c0rd1ngs

~ F E N D E R ^ P S ^ 1 6 0 ~ dual mono 80 watts all tube {except rectifier} w/ reverb & compressor/ 6 channel mixer/ 3 x10″ cabs

5 days ago

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