inEP+ & LIVE

  E        N        T        E        R     :     Z        O        N         E  

Enterzone prezents lo~drag airflow for projekts which does not fit into known gyrexian formats. Think u.v. it as lo-kost housing for stand alone musical endeavors in the XARRIER omniversez. A rotating kast u.v. muzikal holograms will appear and dissolve here; check in often as you never know what will or will not be playing in the virtual sound klub'z sL1200 wheelz u.v. st33l!!! These inklude, yet 'donut' preklude: 45/102  &  2345 OO, 'Resonance'  &  'Animus',   16.16, 'Climatron Gellosphere Groove',  Champion Sound,  Zone 11*23, 'Irate {6.3 WATER}' [1989],    Symphony Fifty~nine [1993],   'Suburban Hydraulic Analysis',   Wah Monger vs. Hydra~Medusa


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