Don’t Ride the D-Train Straight to Hell, Fools & Saints Alike!

The ultimate bully pulpit is drawing criticism for his personal appearance (including hyper-tan) from those whom he bullies about real & serious issues, thus they are ‘equal’ in media. This leads to a false “underdog” status which rallies his polls from the easily influenced who have + will always follow emotions over facts. Fear mongering […] → Continue Reading Don’t Ride the D-Train Straight to Hell, Fools & Saints Alike!

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Winter Sölstice {EP}

Sölstice by Wept   Vorticite: bass jh0st: guitar, bass X: guitar, tr-707 in separation r3v3rs3 anagrams, in the winter x0lstice of 1988 x\wv\jh regathered after the after-math.  it was as if the magnetik distance had kreated a vulkan mind transfer, to each his own, but his own wuz the otherz!  wv vokalized spookin’ and play3d […] → Continue Reading Winter Sölstice {EP}

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n0 m0r3 h3r03z VI

  S      t       r       a       n      g       l       e      r       s             I     V

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photo x X/\rr13r 1nfr/\st/\rw3rx R3c0rd1ngs

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X/\rr13r 1nfr/\st/\rw3rx R3c0rd1ngs's cover photo

‘Production of Moral Fiber’ x Christopher

1 day ago

Reward Offered to Help Identify Fred-Freak Smith’s Killer

3 days ago

Epic Onstage Walkouts

the real life Spinal Tap’s ‘greatest misses’. . . anti~starring Marilyn Manson, Axl Rose, Billy Jo Armstrong, Kourtney Luv etc. ” do we have..

1 week ago

Curb Your Enthusiasm

~ C U R B ^ Y R ^ E N T H U S I A S M ~

1 week ago

Jello Biafra

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