David Bowie & Lemmy Kilmister ROCK [in] POWER…and how Mick Ronson helped Ziggy, Iggy & Lou

     All we can do is try to honor the 3 fallen wizards Ornette, Lemmy & Bowie. Mick Ronson sure gave it his best shot enabling the peak music by Bowie, Lou Reed and even helped mix Raw Power which David is either thanked or blamed for, yet Ronno prolly salvaged what he could from […] → Continue Reading David Bowie & Lemmy Kilmister ROCK [in] POWER…and how Mick Ronson helped Ziggy, Iggy & Lou

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ENTER: {Wake V}0rticiti [LP]

Enter Wake (V)orticiti by Serpent's Exile      ENTER : _Wake~{V}_0r+¡c+¡ _                                       1.            XHAMAN~$sssss                                    […] → Continue Reading ENTER: {Wake V}0rticiti [LP]

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Winter Sölstice {EP}

Sölstice by Wept   Vorticite: bass jh0st: guitar, bass X: guitar, tr-707 in separation r3v3rs3 anagrams, in the winter x0lstice of 1988 x\wv\jh regathered after the after-math.  it was as if the magnetik distance had kreated a vulkan mind transfer, to each his own, but his own wuz the otherz!  wv vokalized spookin’ and play3d […] → Continue Reading Winter Sölstice {EP}

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w!n+3r !c3ku d!p+ych

xarrier returnz infinite detuned noise chimez serpent genius tonez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ krystal wavelength glowz obsidian moonz eklipse freedom orbit zone

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TeleWarp~BoilerRoom: infra>p0etix & infra>fixion.T0ta|S3m!_Fr8d0m3: kollage\ fotos\ iceku 'TeleWarp BoilerRoom' & 'T0ta|Sem!_Fr8d0m3' are each copyrighted xarrier.com [’84~’11] below cover> TNBP#8 [final all-digital issue]. Issues 1 2 3 4 5 6 & 7 will be scanned & posted.

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Being Liberal

Just sayin’. . .

12 hours ago

C. G. Jung Society of Colorado Springs

14 hours ago

The Conscious Kid

14 hours ago

Chinese Man Spends $400,000 To Buy A Slaughterhouse & Saves 2,000 Dogs.

23 hours ago

How to donate to repair Notre Dame after devastating fire

~ U N E S C O ^ H E R I T A G E ^ S I T E ~ ND Cathedral represents & inhabits way more than religion, the peak of pre~Renascence western arts,..

1 day ago

Ruins of 'black magic' house up for sale

~ B O L E S K I N E ^ H O U S E ~ Jimmy Page, Alister Crowley , just a little paint and an exorcist she’ll be rigt, fine?!?

1 day ago

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