STATIK ‘III’: Platinum Anniversary Remaster on AMAZON now!

The archiving of the past continues in search of the imminent future::: Statik 3 is now available on Amazon.  The last of the Xarrier 4-track xassette recordings, the songs mark a bittersweet end u.v. an era. As summer turns > autumn, iridescent dragonfly vapor~trail's reflexionz in lunar inversion. Before anyone ever thought of the term alt-country, […] → Continue Reading STATIK ‘III’: Platinum Anniversary Remaster on AMAZON now!

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“ Through glass~ so clear ~ it could be a tear …” Hearkening back to a sound not unlike jh0st‘s Animus or the Jesus wept. albums {and also the paisley underground Rainy Day compilation}: a new demo awaits on the raw st/\tik page herein. Technology is less + less relevant > the sound of STATIK […] → Continue Reading s+/\+!k/\h0|!k

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