RESET the slow gearz so-called 'technical superiority' u.v. iceage era technology. The attraction of light & repulsion of dark matter; how does it relate to antimatter? Such sounds once unkown are new [now you know]. The elliptical patternz found in lost binary were refracted in this hi~fi pantechnik0n u.v. filterz known once as the +r3a+m3n+ c3n+3r rek0rding studi0. Feel the noise of which we/pt eXists like whales in the ocean. Viva vibrationz in X~celsius. We do not yet now understand the reason for certain numbers to reappear in life as they tend to; perhaps it's best not to ask questions? The same for possible deities or the universe's origin: the more 1 asks the less 1 really knows. It's all simple vibrations in various combinations: life? musix? time? space? matter? antimatter? Patterns form neu a.m. frost on windscreen u.v. /\n interstellar drone probe dissipating it's algorithms, {which under force u.v. entropy} spirals in on themselves. These are songs for a future epoch, when numbers and symbols and letters are each in alphanumeric OO continuity. /\n mp3 mixtape that cosmiknotz will hear suspended in xychronik animation as they hurtle silently thru space save for the 36" diameter floor~mounted subwoofer drivers providing a requisite lo~Hz solution > their m|dz~h|z headphone mix. /\ gravity orbiting airlock tranzsonique wind~tunnel. Warloch's victory over extant star*systems flown by, in fre0n |ce stasis singularity. Our lady u.v. icy firmament in ascent!

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