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Xolarized & polarized, the masses of  'modern' guitar players seem myopicly stuck somewhere between '59 & '62?! (alright, '64 1/2 for the really progressive reactionarys!?) While it's true that the Pre- CBS F3nd3rz and 'holy grail' cherry sunburst flametop '58~'60 LP Standards w/ PAF humbuckers are perhaps the pinnacle u.v. production line assembeled tonality. . .

We must as musicians steer away from mining the nostalgic unobtainable past on some glorious ivory  (ebony in the case of the triple pickup  gold hardware 'black beauty' LP Custom of course) pedestal. The time is now to consider new shapes for new sounds. Consider the Xarriai's tenuous equilibrium minus perfection: for a quarter century we've tried nearly every known brand; not suprisingly finding that the original designs those Beatles, Hendrix & Led Zep played (Rixx, F3nd3erz, & Gibbyz) are Soulz u.v. Rock n' Roll. Tell Bigsby, Leo & Lester the news!

However needing such less common options such as fretless bass, 12 string gits…1 axii to chime them 1 axii to rule the noise! Which could accurately inton8, reson8, and feedback > the infin8! Thus, we also ideally would be able todo any or all of those things within a single song/composition. Ok, fraternal not identical! Thus spake Doubleneckstra?

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