$nakekaster….an evoloutionary guitar harkenin' back to the 'O.T'…no, not overtime, the Original Twang! As in Genesis (no not the avant garde gender bender nor the prog rock band) first there was a Serpent. Of course we all know now the asp gat a bad rap, not as in super~bad, more like framed by da mahn! In any event the pre Broadkaster, 1st bolt neck solid body for mass production bore the headstock of thee Kobranik. The early 50s were pre~spaceage; this instru-des9 would quickly within a few scant years develop into that ultimate ikon u.v. spaceagean sveltitude: Gen 'W''s Strat0kast~king.  {continued tele~chantz be|0w…>>}

But we must realize: in the beginning L3o F3nd3r carved a simple plank o' pine, not unlike Mr. paul's infamous 'log' guitar with its faux- akoustik body~wings. These axxi were not exactly graceful (yet) but along with another Paul (Bigsby) and its pre-Strat 'violin' peghead formed (along with holy jhost nominee Rick3nback3r 'frying pan' albeit erlier by decades) a sort of holy trinity of pre=production prototypes that spawned the very T3|3s, S+r/\+s, and Les P/\u|s we know love and play to this day. Here is the Vorticite brand interpretation of a fundamental guitar archetype, inspired by its 1st version… "ride the snake, the ancient snake"… [th= =nd]

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